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Monday, May 3, 2010

Lesson plan reflection

My partner Stephanie and I taught our lesson on April 9th. I feel as if our lesson went very well eventhough it was hard with the interruptions with the behavior cards. We was like the third group of people to teach and I guess the rest of the class became very comfortable and the behaviors showed it. Compared to the lesson plan we did a pretty good job in following it. We made a list of all the classroom rules and I believe that it helped because when the students misbehaved it was easier for us to say "What is rule number..." and have the student read out the rule so that they know exactly what they are doing wrong. I believe that method was productive in the beginning and then the class became to comfortable and started to misbehave. Julisa had the card that said she had to ask what sex was. That was hard to handle considering I was teaching a kindergarten class. I thought that it was difficult but I handled it in a very good way in my opinion. It was good that I didn't get to finish my lesson because it taught me that distractions and conversations can last longer than expected and that I should be prepared to change the lesson at various points of the day.

As we went through the other peoples lessons I thought it was interesting to see how they would handle certain problems and how their teaching method would be. Because of the behavior cards people got different behaviors to deal with and at the end of the lessons Dr. Luongo told us what we could've done to make the lesson go better or to handle the problems in a better way. I thought that was a good idea since we are still learning new methods and the things the professor said was productive. The overall experience was good and I loved the idea and experience.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last reflection in lab

Today my partner and I got our book read on our podcasted. I am very happy and as we listened to it I believe that we did a very good job. It took us a couple tries but that is only because we wanted it to be almost perfect. We finished it not to long ago so we are waiting for it to load on the RSS feed. I can't wait for the class to hear it. My ichy throat didn't hold me back as much as I thought it would. I sounded almost normal. =) I'm happy with the way things worked out today. My trip earlier was worth it.
Until next time...

Last Day in Lab 3/2/10

Today I have the book in class. I ordered it offline from Barnes and Noble and it was mailed to my house yesterday. Since my dad works in New York City stopping by my school is on his way to work. Unfortunately my dad carpools and it is not his week to drive in so he called me at 6 a.m. to tell me that he could not drop the book off to me in the morning. So I didn't want to be unprepared for class again especially since this is our last day so I woke up at 7 a.m. to meet him in the city to get the book. I met him and I have the book which made me happy. Until I remember I woke up feeling a bit sick today. My voice is going in and out and I keep coughing. I dont know how I will be able to pod cast today. Hopefully it goes well.
Unitl Next time...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today's reflection 2/23/10

Today since I did not have the book I could not podcast and also because my partner was not in class. However I did create the five effective questions that will be asked after reading the book. Since I already did my lesson plan that was due today it made it easy for me to come up with the questions. Since it is a childrens book you can never assume that the students know what things are so I already started to introduce some of the things that is mentioned in the book, such as what a season is. I also edited my blogspot so now I have a picture and I taught myself how to add pictures to an individual blog. So far other than reading the book I believe that we should be okay to start reading the book on Friday and if we have to meet up and read it online at our own time then I'm prepared to do that. Although I didn't read the book today was an accomplished day.
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Podcast Questions

For the book "Go to Sleep Groundhog" by Judy Cox the five questions that will be asked are:

1. What is a groundhog and have you ever seen one in real life?
2. What is a season and what do you like to do during each season?
3. Why is it that when the groundhog wakes up and goes outside, it is a different season each time?
4. Why is it important for the groundhog to get to sleep? What would you do if you couldn't get to sleep?
5. What happens when the groundhog see's his shadow?

Podcast Day 3 2/23/10

Today is day 3 in the computer lab. It's rainy outside and my partner is not here. As read in my last blog we could not find the book last class. I went back to my apartment and looked for it as best as I can but I can not find it. So since my dad works in New York City I asked him to go to Barnes and Noble and pick up the book. After he got off of work he went to the store only to find out they didn't have that book in stock. So he drove to another one in the city. After being denied at the third Barnes and Noble he asked were there any in any of the Barnes and Nobles before he keeps driving around. Thats when they told him there was none in stock in the whole Tri-State area. That put a damper on my weekend but I tried to do what I could. We ordered it online but it said it would be delivered in 3 to 5 days. So unofortunalty I do not have the book in class today to read online but I do know that I will have the book. I haven't spoken to my partner today because my battery died on my phone and the only way I can speak to her is through email. We spoke yesterday about that possiblity of her not coming to class today so I expected it in a way. Luckily Professor Luongo extended the amount of days in the computer lab. Since I have a free period I will make up the five questions and do everything I have to with the podcast and blog so on friday We can just do the whole podcast and hopefully have no problems.
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Friday, February 19, 2010

Reflection on Today 2/19/10

Today me and my partner Stephanie spent the whole class period running back and forth to our rooms looking for the book the we were suppose to podcast today. We wanted to start recording our voices today but that impossible to do without the book. As discussed in my pervious post, we did a lot to look for the book. I know together me and my partner will find the book and I know it will be in a very silly place. Only time will tell what the outcome of this mishap will be. It still sucks however because I had a very good lesson plan made for this book and I would hate to have to switch the book. So i'm praying for the best.
Until next time...